A Summer With Maddy @mkwmkw_

We chat with Maddy Whittaker @mkwmkw_ on what she's looking forward to this summer and what makes the perfect summer dress. 
1. What do you look forward to most about summer?
Being able to wear all my summer dresses, skirts, and colourful linen pieces! I’m also excited for more beach walks, picnics + bbq’s with my friends and summer weekend getaways.

2. What makes the perfect summer dress?
I love a cute floral print, and all pastel colours. I love a good midi style which is flowy and comfortable. 

3. Prints: how do you wear them?
I’m either all or nothing with prints! I love to pair prints down with a neutral piece - like how I styled the lulu dress with a plain knit to make it more casual... or occasionally I’ll go all out and wearing clashing prints/colours for a fun outfit!