3 Reasons Why It's Still Dress Season

3 Reasons Why It's Still Dress Season

Posted by Lucy Quartermaine on

Normally by April, we're all starting to feel the cold, but 2020 is serving us some beautiful 25 degrees plus weather and we all need to be taking full advantage of this.

Now is a better time than any to still be wearing your summer dresses and if these looks don't convince you we don't know what will. 

Reason #1

You can pair a short dress style like the Cosette Dress seen on Ashley Gale with a blazer and make it the perfect combination of casual but polished daywear style.

Cosette Dress by Lulu & Rose

Reason #2

You can opt for a knee-length style like the Kai Midi Dress worn by The Sport Beauty if you're looking for a little extra coverage. 

Kai Midi Dress by Lulu & Rose

Reason #3

Adding a denim jacket to a mini dress style like this Kai Dress turns short dress style into a look that's a touch warmer for those not so hot days and gives your summer dress wardrobe some winter longevity inspired by Charis Pixie

The Kai Dress by lulu & Rose